Crucial Information From the CDC About Flu Vaccines and the Seasonal Flu

Every year, the seasonal flu causes millions of illnesses, hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations, and tens of thousands of deaths in the United States. However, you can drastically mitigate the risks of flu by receiving a flu shot each year, and Gruenwald & Comandatore is now taking appointment to get one.

We really want parents to understand why it’s important for children to get vaccinated; not only because the flu can cause death, but because it can prevent the flu. In this article, the CDC provides a ton of vital information about the seasonal flu and the flu vaccine, including debunking common misconceptions, such as:

  • Does the flu vaccine give you the flu? (The answer is no.)
  • Is it better to get sick with flu than to get the vaccine? (The answer is no.)
  • Why do people sometimes feel unwell after getting the flu vaccine?
  • Can you still get sick with flu symptoms if you get the flu shot?
  • Does a flu shot increase your risk of getting COVID-19? (There is no evidence of this.)

Gruenwald & Comandatore strongly urges you, and everyone in your household over the age of six months, get a flu shot. This year, it’s more important than ever.
Contact us today at (973) 378-7990 to make an appointment, and read more about the flu over at the CDC’s website.

Stay Healthy!


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